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Kuncheng turned to look at her, tall boys with moonlight in their eyes, Shuying looked at him, looking dull, provoked Kuncheng to smile again. This laugh was interrupted by others. Kuncheng, what are you doing? It was the leading boy tonight, the one who called Kuncheng over to fill the scene, who was red-eyed and looked irritable and impatient. The boy turned his head and tilted his head, as if he were thinking for a moment. Immediately, he grinned at the corners of his mouth. "Can't you see that the bad guy saved the beauty?" His voice is naturally deep and magnetic, and when the tone is not high, it always sounds moving and gentle. Just like at this moment, his four words hit Shu Ying's heart heavily. When Chen Yilan was helped up by Shu Ying, Kuncheng looked on coldly. He had always been violent and perverse, and his rare sympathy and compassion had long disappeared in the joy of overriding others day after day, so he did not care about all kinds of evil deeds in the campus. As for why he came forward tonight, He thought about it, but he didn't come up with a reason. Chen Yilan was not badly hurt, but his face was a little horrible. Shu Ying took one look at him and gave a gentle "hiss". It was rare to play a joke with him. "We three good students will probably lie about your scar when we go home tonight." Chen Yilan was stubborn and did not speak. Kun Cheng glanced at him and suddenly giggled. Sure enough, Chen Yilan glared at him and asked,wire nail making machine, "What are you laughing at?" "Nothing." Kuncheng shrugged his shoulders and rubbed the lighter in his pocket, "just laughing that some people don't have the ability to pretend to be poor." The success of this sentence made Chen Yilan blush. The poor and honest child could not think of a powerful word for a long time. Finally, he opened his mouth, as if he thought of some good words and sentences. "What's so great about people like you?"! What are you without good parents? Kun Cheng seemed to have been touched by something, and his face sank. Shu Ying's hand hurriedly put on his sleeve, "thank you tonight, you go." "Don't thank me." As if he had found some fun,Automatic Nail Making Machine, the teenager quickly interrupted Chen Yilan's words and looked down at the little girl who was half shorter than himself. "What's the matter? Drive me away after you've solved it?" This remark was so ambiguous that Chen Yilan shouted in the back, "Don't be a hooligan!" Because of this sound, Shu Ying also reacted to the deep meaning of this sentence and quickly blushed half of her face. No She spoke in a low voice. Kun Cheng looked at her blushing and couldn't help teasing her again. "What is that?" Shu Ying stammered twice, did not say why, can only blush to change the subject, "you carry a guitar, where are you going?" "Well." He thought about it and gave a vague answer, "Go sing." The next second, he saw the little girl's eyes suddenly lit up. She pinched his fingertips and asked him with sparkling eyes, "Can I come with you?" Looking forward to it, can I? Shu Ying escaped from evening self-study for the first time. Or skip the evening self-study fair and square. She watched Kuncheng give the guard a leave note and followed Kuncheng out of the school gate. Two people walk to the main road, Shu Ying always does not talk much, follow behind him, quiet. At this time, wire nail machine manufacturers ,wire nail machine manufacturers, there was no one around the school. Half an hour before the evening self-study, the food stalls would come one after another. In this way, the whole street was quiet. Only the two of them stepped on the light of the street lamp and walked out. Here silence reigns supremely and quiet is everything, Shu Ying suddenly remembered something, "will you break up with that boy today?" "What?" Kuncheng was stunned by her question, and his pace naturally slowed down. The two men walked side by side from one to the other. Shu Ying explained in a low voice, "the one who hit people tonight." Kuncheng understood, laughed, and asked, "Why do you think so?" "Because.." Shu Ying thought about it, raised her eyes and answered him slowly, "You made him lose face." He also looked at her, still with transparent eyes. He smiled, nodded, and casually said, "Yes, there will be trouble, and it will be very serious.". ” Shu Ying was stunned. "How serious will it be?" Kuncheng continued to ask, "Do you know who he is?" She shook her head. "I don't know, I don't care about that.." She really did not pay attention to the influential figures on campus, which also led to the fact that she did not exactly match Kuncheng's name with the person until the third year of high school. Then how do you know me? Very tactfully, he took over the conversation. Shu Ying's footsteps paused a little, and then she lowered her head back, "I just know you." She is a willow leaf curved eyebrow, the corner of the eye and the tip of the eyebrow are a little longer, and her side face looks light and gentle. Kuncheng stopped talking. Shu Ying thought that Kuncheng's singing was holding a guitar on the stage of a bar. It was not until she followed Kuncheng all the way into the brightly lit entertainment company that she realized the true meaning of his words. Star-making factory, coming and going, are all handsome men and beautiful women. Shu Ying, like a little rabbit, followed Kuncheng to the front and back of the elevator and said, "It seems that I shouldn't have followed." Kuncheng pressed the button and raised his eyebrows. "What's wrong?"? Not happy to skip class? "No." Shu Ying glanced around and whispered, "I'm different from these people. I feel strange." Kuncheng answered her, "What's the difference?"? Do you have more nose or less eyes? When Shu Ying was at a loss for words, the elevator arrived with a "ding". Is a group of tall and gorgeous girls face to face, Kuncheng has no expression, naturally put his arms around Shuying's shoulders, take her to the elevator. People in the school say that Kuncheng has a good family and good luck. He emboldens his friends, accompanies them on a program casually, sings a song casually, and can get the attention of the judges. This famous star-making company also intends to praise him and find a new way to let him take the way of retro nostalgia in today's era when people regard the 1980s and 1990s, old Hong Kong, Wong Kar-wai and Leslie Cheung as their feelings. After studying in the company for a while, signing a contract is a sure thing. The 18-year-old musical prodigy, who pays tribute to the lost golden age and looks handsome,Nail machine supplier, is really a good gimmick. At the right time, in the right place and with the right people, Kuncheng takes everything.

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